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Our goal was to develop an entirely new condom that does what it’s supposed to do without you noticing it’s even there. We didn’t think we were alone in this – and we were right: 1407 users shared our views:

83% of users find Wingman the best condom on the market

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Reviews Wingman
Cristel from Nieuwegein:
“Fine product, my husband was very happy about it!”
Vincent from Laren:
“Excellent condom; the only one I’ll buy from now on. Greater sensation compared to other condoms”
Rick from Leiden:
“Gebruiksgemak op het juiste moment :)”
James from Breda:
“A true innovation for condom application”
Ann from Amsterdam:
“They feel good and are easy to use. And they don’t irritate your skin, which is awesome!”
Chantal from Rotterdam:
“I’m a dedicated Durex fan, but I’ll definitely be using these more often!”
Marieke from Eindhoven:
“We think it’s a great invention. Hassle-free and more pleasure: What more could you want?”
Casper from Rotterdam:
“The Wingman was quick and easy to apply. And I like that they're so thin, maintains a better feeling.”