How it works

A condom with wings may take some getting used to, but we promise you won’t feel a thing! Once you’ve experienced the advantages, you’ll never want to use another condom again.

With a Wingman it's almost without
Because you want to focus on each other, not the condom

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How does it work?


Grab the wings with the logo facing up


Push both wings down simultaneously


Remove the wings...
and have a safe flight!

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Bekijk youtube

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Why develop a new condom?

You want to have safe sex, but without the unnecessary distractions. And when wearing a condom, you want to know you’re being protected. We’ve all been there:

  • An unnecessary hassle at the worst possible time
  • A less natural feel
  • A rip that makes the whole thing useless
Condoms have been extensively tested and proven safe, but their effectiveness ultimately depends on how you use them. And let’s be honest, who has time to read the fine print in the heat of the moment?

"It bothered us that such an important product like the condom was far from user-friendly. We could do better. Enter the Wingman: a product we believe takes sex to the next level. It guarantees the easiest, safest and best alternative to sex without a condom."

Less hassle

Easier appplication
Even with 1 hand
Even in the dark

Less hassle

You know how it goes: after a night of flirting the big moment finally arrives. The candles are lit. The music is on. Things are going great and you’re feeling relaxed and in the mood. Until the condom comes out and you’re forced to let go of your partner and switch on the lights… To prevent a frustrating experience like this, which makes you more likely to skip the condom altogether, we developed a condom that’s much faster and easier to apply.

  • The Wingman can be applied in one easy motion, in two seconds flat
  • The W logo on the wings makes it easy to apply, even in the dark
  • The Wingman can be applied with one hand, which leaves the other one free for more important things

Maximum feel

Thinnest condom out there
Soft and flexible

Maximum feel

Let’s be honest: sex without a condom is always better. A condom feels less natural and leaves that rubbery smell on your fingers, which is far from sexy (given you’re still in the mood after putting it on, that is ;-)). But a condom is the only effective way to protect yourself against STIs and unwanted pregnancies. All the more reason to make using one as pleasant as possible. The Wingman is an ultrathin, supple and odourless condom with a natural feel. It’s almost without… The applicator wings mean no hands-on contact. This not only makes the Wingman safer to use, it allowed us to make the condom itself thinner and lower the risk of rips and tears at the same time.

Safer use

No hands-on contact
Always the right way up
No need to squeeze tip

Safer use

Did you know that ordinary condoms have a 15% failure rate? Product defects account for only 2%, leaving a staggering 13% that is caused by user errors. While condoms have certainly become safer thanks to strict product regulation, their effectiveness depends entirely on how you use them. It’s literally in your hands! And who has time to read the fine print in the heat of the moment?

First you have to check whether the roll is on the outside. It’s hard enough to tell top from bottom when the lights are on, let alone in the romantic candlelight vibe you have created for the occasion. Next you have to use one hand to squeeze the air from the tip and the other to roll down the condom while making sure you don’t snag it with your nails, jewellery or piercings. This is no easy feat; it’s like snapping on a pair of latex gloves before getting busy. If you don’t follow these steps, the condom might have air in the tip, making it more prone to rips and tears at le moment suprême. If applied inside out before being flipped over and used, it may also contain some pre-ejaculate – the number one cause of STI transmission as a result of faulty condom use. Recent American research (Sanders et al, 2011) found that, despite proper use, traditional condoms do not protect against STIs and unwanted pregnancies in 2% of all cases. The reality is that things go wrong 15% of the time. This means that incorrect condom use provides insufficient protection in 13% of cases! With the exception of sex education and package instructions, no condom brand encourages user safety by improving the product itself. The Wingman, on the other hand, was designed to prevent common user errors:

  • Not squeezing the air from the tip (45%*): Air in the tip increases the risk of rips and tears. With a Wingman, there’s no need to squeeze the air from the tip thanks to its air-tight design (the air was extracted during the assembly process). When you unroll a Wingman, you are guaranteed an air-tight fit.
  • Putting it on inside out and flipping it over to use (11%*): Pre-ejaculate on the outside of the condom can lead to STIs and unwanted pregnancies. With regular condoms, it’s hard to tell top from bottom. With a Wingman, however, you can see and feel which way is up thanks to the W logo on the wings. This is the only way it can be applied.
  • Contact with hands, nails or other sharp objects (5%*): This can damage the condom and lead to breakage. When using a Wingman, you never touch the condom itself.

* Indicates the prevalence of this error (Sanders et al, 2011)