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How to put on a condom

How to put on a condom?

We show you how to put on a condom, first the Wingman condom and then a regular condom.

1. Opening the condom package

Before opening the package always check the condom package for the date and damages. Don't use a condom that's passed it's expiration date or has a damaged package.

Open the condom wrapper carefully using the easy-tear edges. Do not use scissors or any other sharp objects.

2. Put on a condom

A. Wingman Condom

After opening the package gently grab the Wingman by its wings with the logo facing up. Make sure the penis is fully erect. Place the Wingman on top of the penis and push down both wings simultaneously, with one or two hands. Remove the wings and HAVE FUN!

With a Wingman you can easily feel on the logo on the wings which side is up, even in the dark. The tip is folded under a wing so when rolling the condom down, there is automatically enough space in the tip and it's airfree. Nowhere in the process of applying the condom you touch it with your hands or nails, avoiding the risk of accidentally damaging the condom.

B. Regular condom

After opening the package gently check which side is up by blowing out the tip of the condom and make sure it will roll down correctly. Make sure you do this before the condom touches the penis. If you put it on the wrong way it won't roll down. In that case you will have to start over with a new condom, as the outside of the condom is now infected with pre-ejaculatory fluid.

Make sure the penis is fully erect when you start putting the condom on. Place the condom on top of the penis while squeezing the tip of the condom to get rit of any air-bubbles and provide enough space for the semen. Not doing this will increase the chance of tearing because the semen will have no place to go during ejaculation. Roll down the condom carefully to the base of the penis and smooth out any air-bubbles. Now you are ready for intercourse. HAVE FUN!

3. Remove the condom

Soon after ejaculation, and while the penis is still erect, hold the condom at the base of the penis while pulling out. Do this before you lose your erection, or the condom can role of or sperm can spill out. Carefully remove the condom away from your partner and throw it, the packaging and the wings in the bin, not in the toilet.

Safety precautions for all condoms

  • Condoms are for single use only.
  • Use a new condom when changing between different types of sexual activity.
  • Store condoms in a cool and dry space, away from direct sunlight.
  • Use a water-based lubricant, specially designed for use with a condom.
  • A condom should be applied on a full erection to ensure a good fit.

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