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Questions about the Wingman condom

Is a Wingman condom easy to use?

The Wingman condom is easy to use. All you need is an erect penis and one hand, or if you want, you can use two hands. As with a traditional condom, you might want to practice applying a Wingman condom once or twice before actual use, just to increase your confidence. You’ll soon master this very simple manoeuvre. Even when practising, the penis must be erect. You can of course use a dildo or a banana to practice on, too.

Can I use the Wingman condoms, or its wings, more than once?

No, Wingman condoms are for single use only. Not even the wings can be used again with a different condom. The way the wings work with the condom requires a specific assembly technique to keep the tip free of air. Plus, the assembly is done semi-automatically and under strict hygiene standards. Reusing the wings can be unhygienic and by touching the condom, the user can undermine the safety benefits.

Can the wings stay in place after unrolling the condom?

The wings are designed to automatically release from the condom once it has been rolled down the length of the penis. Depending on how far the condom has been rolled down, you might need to make a gentle ‘pull away’ motion before the wings release. Should the wings not release once the condom has been rolled all the way down, we recommend removing them since they will release after a few movements anyway.

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