A Wingman sales agent acts as a mediator between our organisation and our customers during the completion of sales agreements. Our primary customers are small and large online and offline retail companies. Sales agents are responsible for concluding agreements with buyers on behalf of Wingman Condoms BV, who bears full investment risk. The agent is not considered a party, but does earn commission for every condom sold.

We are primarily looking for sales agents in Africa, Russia, Eastern Europe and South America. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities if you have a strong network of retail partners (i.e. pharmacies, supermarkets, gas stations, franchises).

If you are interested in direct sales, perhaps you should consider becoming a distributor (brand partner) instead. Distributors are responsible for selling our products to our customers and conclude agreements in their own name and at their own risk.

Brand partners

Although our strong USP’s and high customer satisfaction speak for themselves, realizing this huge market potential asks for a worldwide network of committed retailers en (re)sellers, motivated and able to (re)sell AND promote the Wingman the right way, in order to reach the aimed awareness. Therefore, we offer such “Wingman Brand Partners”, as we call them, extensive discounts on the purchase price, depending on their marketing and sales power (online and offline outlets, instruments) and the extend to which the Wingman benefits from all of this, on top of a basic volume discount. So depending on both criteria, net purchase price can be up to 60% lower than the standard.

More information

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