Wingman condoms 12pc

Wingman condoms are revolutionairy because you can put them on in 2 seconds with 1 hand without a hassle.
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Wingman condoms

Wingman distinguishes itself from other brands of condoms. It has addressed and tackled the fundamental issues concerning condom use by developing a condom that is easy to put on, even with 1 hand in 2 seconds. The Wingman condoms is ultra thin, giving you that "almost without" experience. And because you don't have to touch the condom, it's safer to use.

Choosing a Wingman over an ordinary condom means fewer interruptions, a more natural feel, and safer use. Wingman has taken safe sex to the next level, try it yourself!

Product information about Wingman condoms 12PC
  • Brand: Wingman Condoms
  • Product: Ultra-thin condoms made of natural rubber latex with pre-packed plastic wings
  • Features: Transparant, lubricated and with reservoir tip
  • Size: 56 mm nominal width
  • Ean: 8717953132109
More information about Wingman condoms
  • Easier: apply in 2 seconds, even with 1 hand and even in the dark.
  • Thinner: ultra-thin, flexible and soft condom for a more natural feel.
  • Safer: no hand-condom contact, air-free tip, the right application every time.

83% of users prefer Wingman to other condoms

How it works?
Just grab a Wingman by its wings, roll it down until the wings release and … Enjoy!

Why Wingman?
We do not accept the fact that there has been no significant development in condom use these past 100 years. Despite all the flavours and colours, the fundamental issues have never been tackled. Applying a condom is always an annoying interruption in the heat of the moment and they feel less natural. Also, the effectiveness of a condom is compromised by user errors that explanations and instructions alone cannot sufficiently prevent. Our goal was not to develop a new product, but a new concept for safe sex and sexuality. With the development of the Wingman, the fundamental issues concerning condom use have been addressed and tackled for the first time. This has led to a product that brings safe sex to a higher level: the easiest, most natural and safest alternative to sex without a condom. Our mission is to improve the way people experience safe sex. The Wingman was invented in Delft, the Netherlands, and has won the iF Design Gold Award.

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    Reviews Wingman
    Cristel from Nieuwegein:
    “Fine product, my husband was very happy about it!”
    Vincent from Laren:
    “Excellent condom; the only one I’ll buy from now on. Greater sensation compared to other condoms”
    Rick from Leiden:
    “Gebruiksgemak op het juiste moment :)”
    James from Breda:
    “A true innovation for condom application”
    Ann from Amsterdam:
    “They feel good and are easy to use. And they don’t irritate your skin, which is awesome!”
    Chantal from Rotterdam:
    “I’m a dedicated Durex fan, but I’ll definitely be using these more often!”
    Marieke from Eindhoven:
    “We think it’s a great invention. Hassle-free and more pleasure: What more could you want?”
    Casper from Rotterdam:
    “The Wingman was quick and easy to apply. And I like that they're so thin, maintains a better feeling.”